Symptoms of Hyperacidity

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Symptoms of HyperacidityHyperacidity is not something that can’t happen to you. The symptoms are prominent and you would get to know if you are suffering from the same. Most of the times it has been noticed that people experience acidity after eating certain types of food, if this is the case with you – you should not worry. Experiencing acidity once on a while as a reaction to acidity causing food is normal. You should be alarmed when the acidity is persisting. This is one of the most prominent symptoms of one being affected by hyperacidity.

There are some people who experience pain in the upper abdomen. This pain is usually followed by food consumption and is there for relatively short time duration. This could be due to eating food that are quite spicy or may be due to over eating. This is an indication of hyperacidity.

Some people feel nauseated and vomit as well. At times, they vomit blood in extreme situations. They would not feel like eating for a relatively greater period of time, which could extend to 2-3 days sometimes. The others might feel full after having a very small meal. This is like a fake repletion after an inadequate intake of meal.

Bloating or abdominal distension and flatulence is experienced by some. Some could have blood present in their stool.

The crux is that hyperacidity is the result of excess secretion of acids in the stomach and stomach being the vital organ in the digestive system would go for a toss. If you notice a problem that could be connected to the excessive secretion of acids in your stomach could be a possible symptom of hyperacidity and would require immediate attention.

Hyperacidity could not be that serious a problem but the disease it could lead to, if is not treated are really harmful.

Symptoms of Hyperacidity

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Symptoms of Hyperacidity

Hyperacidity is the problem which when diagnosed in early stages can be treated effectively and the risk of transforming the hyperacidity to the next stage can be prevented. So it is good to know about the symptoms of hyperacidity so that when you or family friends have this symptom they can be treated easily. The main symptom of the hyperacidity is the indigestion problem.

The indigestion problem will be there continuously for a longer duration and this is mainly due to accumulation of lots of acids in the stomach and this will not allow secretion of other digestive juices and this will result in indigestion. The other important symptom of the hyperacidity is the constipation problem.

When a person gets indigestion problem as well as constipation then he has to be immediately checked for the hyperacidity. The vomiting sensation will be present in the persons with the hyperacidity problem. Due to excess acid which is present in the stomach there will be resistant from the stomach to accept new food which will ultimately result in vomiting sensation.

The stomach becomes hard due to the acid secretion which you feel externally. Due to the stomach being hard there will not be much interest for the person affected by hyperacidity to eat. This will make the person unhealthy. The other important symptom is the feeling of restlessness.

This feeling develops strongly since the person with hyperacidity will not eat much and this will make him feel like that. The other important symptom is the lack of interest to eat since the patient may feel full due to presence of excess acid.